The Haworth Health Environments showroom displayed solutions that nurture a holistic approach to wellness for both patients and caregivers.

Explore this page to see how healthcare design can cultivate a community focused on wellness and well-being.​

Haworth Health Environments



Linger, Comfort, Connect

The showroom featured an upscale café, lobby, and waiting area for a clinic or a medical office building. The space offered a choice of different types of seating in areas where families and colleagues can gather to wait or to collaborate. Modularity and ease of reconfiguration provide a wide range of application choices and flexibility in space planning to enrich the user experience. Supported by a space that suits your needs, your mind surrenders to its imagination.​


Friendly, Recover, Relax

Spaces where patients and guests interacted within a healthcare facility. This showroom demonstrated everything from self-check in areas to admissions and nurses station to patient rooms and wellness care.  Examples of those include:

  • The check in and admission areas is where a patient would
    initially check in.
  • A nurse’s station is an area in which nursing staff are able to monitor their unit or collaborate with colleagues.
  • Our patient room represents what we expect to see in the near future of patient rooms, architecturally. It features minimal exposure to nature/outside and patient-controlled lighting.
  • The treatment room is an example of what could be for dialysis, infusion, or other treatments. It has a recliner for the patient, a soft pad for family member or friend, a screen for entertainment, and storage.
  • A wellness room (or mother’s room) has been created for a private space for a quiet time when needed during the workday.


Gather, Visit, Meet, 

Spaces where people can support one another, socialize, make calls, have discussions and patient consultation. The purpose of this room was for a physician to consult with a patient and family. It is more relaxed in nature, and offers three different areas to accommodate different activities within the space. These included a formal setting around a table, an informal setting of two lounge areas and a kid’s area



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The Haworth Health Environments Showroom​ 
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