Custom Products

Haworth Health Environments offers a full line of healthcare solutions within our standard offering. In addition, we have the design and manufacturing competency to co-create custom furniture pieces to meet your specific functional, space, or aesthetic needs. 

Below are a few of our recent conceptual custom product solutions.   

Patient Recliner with Independently Activated Footrest

Patient recliner with the foot rest Independently activated from the back rest. Features a small foot print for today’s single occupancy patient rooms, and is on casters so the piece can be easily moved for cleaning or deployment to another area.

Caregiver Station with Reception End

Caregivers station featuring a reception end for entry to the ward on one end, while the other end features patient monitoring. This Caregiver station is based on Haworth’s Compose System that features a custom front to look like millwork at a fraction of the cost while maintaining the modularity and ease of change that is Haworth Compose. This caregiver station has a bow front across the entire length, the front tiles are made of AcrovynTM so they are very durable and maintain their beauty through use. A light box was designed in above the tiles, and we used EOS CupronTM from Wilsonart for an antimicrobial countertop surfacing.

Sofa with Drawer Storage

This sofa features a drawer storage compartment on the end for personal items or family’s storage while visiting a loved one.