Lobby & Waiting Areas

Whether waiting to register or resting between procedures, patients and their loved ones can depend on the comfort of Haworth furniture products. Welcoming lobby and waiting areas help put apprehensive people at ease. Familiar furnishings, such as upholstered lounge seating with adjacent tables, let people gather and communicate while keeping patients visible to caregivers. Our complete seating portfolio—including standard and bariatric options to accommodate people of all sizes—supports patients and family while they wait. Integrating warm colors, fabrics, and finishes creates an optimistic, calming atmosphere that fosters healing and lets people know they made the right choice in healthcare.

Exam & Treatment Areas

Haworth Health Environments offers choices in recliners and armchairs to make people as comfortable as possible during their healthcare experience. Haworth moveable walls and storage products create boundaries for privacy and places to stow patients’ belongings. Custom workstations with fascia create a soothing, welcoming space that helps put people at ease. Our exam tables and modular casework systems accommodate caregivers’ and clinicians’ ergonomic needs while making access to supplies and equipment easy.

Caregiver Stations

Caregivers benefit from furniture that supports their daily tasks—like staying organized and focused while engaging in activities that shift at a moment’s notice. Haworth Health Environments offers flexible workstations for easy reconfigurability as staff, functions, and technology change. Our height adjustable products provide the ergonomic solutions that healthcare professionals demand—from seated or standing height work surfaces and counters to storage, task chairs and stools. 

Patient Rooms

When patients need to stay in your facility long-term, providing a home away from home is the foundation for restoring their health. Haworth Health Environments addresses all three zones of the patient room, accommodating patients, caregivers, and family. Familiar finishes on tables and casegoods—such as wardrobes and over-bed tables—help create the soothing, residential environment patients need—and loved ones appreciate—during times of emotional stress.

Hospitality & Break Areas

A hospitality area is an ideal destination in your healthcare facility for patients who are mobile. It’s also a place of nourishment and rejuvenation for loved ones and staff. Haworth Health Environments provides lounge, break area, and café furnishings, including Haworth seating and tables that encourage gathering and provide a welcome reprieve. Our cleanable, replaceable products are designed to endure high traffic spaces such as cafeterias and break areas—and still look good over the long term.

Administrative Areas

Behind the scenes in the patient experience are the administrative staff who keep your organization running smoothly. Products from Haworth let you create administrative spaces with moveable walls, raised access flooring, integrated systems furniture, seating, and storage capabilities that are comfortable yet functional for healthcare professionals. Our products support the ergonomic requirements your staff needs while establishing a cohesive look throughout your facility.